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Reach trucks and side loaders

A selection of second hand reach trucks and side loaders for sale or rental solutions

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Atlet RT forklift
Fleet No. FT1338 | 1.4 ton | 6.300 mm lift height
Doosan BR 16 JW
Fleet No. FT657 | 1.6 ton | 6.000 mm lift height
Doosan BR16 JW
Fleet No. FT1363 | 1.6 ton | 5.500 mm lift height
Sidetracker truck
Fleet No. FT1382 | 2.5 ton | 3.600 mm lift height
Side loader forklift
Fleet No. FT1560 | 2.0 ton | 6.800 mm lift height

Reach trucks and side loaders are a type of forklift to be used in narrow aisles and warehouses. As indoor lifting equipment uses battery electric powered although it can operate in some outdoor applications as long as the floor is flat. Designed with two outer legs and a set of wheels in the back, this material handling equipment can reach higher lift height which becomes one of its key attributes. This warehouse equipment is often confused with counterbalance forklifts for having similar uses although the first ones are able to load pallets without needing a counterbalance weight. There are though several types which differ to one another depending on the application that it’s suited, such us stand-up trucks, the most common type or the double-deep truck with longer forks.

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