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Getting introduced to warehouse equipment

Reach trucks are designed to be used in narrow aisles and warehouses. Although it is an indoor lifting equipment, it is able to operate in some outdoor applications as long as the floor is flat. Equipped with two outer legs and a set of wheels in the back, this material handling equipment can reach higher lift height which becomes one of its key attributes. This warehouse equipment is often confused with counterbalance forklifts for having similar uses. However, the first ones are capable of loading pallets without needing a counterbalance weight. There are though several types which differ to one another depending on the application that is get covered. If you need a hand to decide what suits better your needs just contact us!

Take a look at our reach trucks in stock

Doosan BR16JW
Fleet No. FT1363
Capacity: 1.600 kg
Lift height: 5.500 mm | 2.460 mm closed
Age: 2006 | 4.972 hours
Triple mast | S/shift | Single-phase charger.
Jungheinrich ETV-Q20
Fleet No. FT1635
Capacity: 2.000 kg
Lift height: 6.200 mm | 2.700 mm closed
Age: 2000 | 2.877 hours
Triple mast | 48V Cell.
Atlet 140 ULS
Fleet No. FT1077
Capacity: 1.400 kg
Lift height: 6.300 mm | 2.640 mm closed
900 mm fork | S/shift | Suspension seat with low backrest | Automatic handbrake.
Atlet Reach Truck
Fleet No. FT1338
Capacity: 1.400 kg
Lift height: 6.300 mm | 2.610 mm closed
Age: 2003 | 8.057 hours
Triple full free mast | 1000 mm forks | S/shift | 3 Phase charger.
Sidetracker SO30ETT
Fleet No. FT1382
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 3.600 mm | 2.060 mm closed
Age: 2012 | 128 hours
Duplex full free mast

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