Large Capacity forklifts

A selection of large capacity forklifts for sale and hire

High capacity applications with reliable solutions

Big jobs require big solutions. At Ful-ton, we offer a range of high capacity forklifts trucks to get your needs all covered. With a year warranty and all the advantages of diesel forklift trucks, this material handling equipment is the perfect fit when it’s about loading large capacities of cargo. As a unique solution, we have in stock an 8 ton container entry spec that is able to work with maximum efficiency in any type of shipping container. Don’t miss out this fantastic opportunity at very competitive prices. Contact us to know more about our financial support!

From 7 to 16 ton large capacity forklift for sale and hire stock

7 ton forklift
Fleet No. FT1538/1539
Capacity: 7.000 kg
Lift height: 4.000 mm | 3.300 mm closed
Age: 2018 | 155 / 217 h
Duplex mast | 6 m load centre | 2402 mm forks | Beacon | Fork positioner | S/shift | Pneumatic tyres
12 months warranty.
£38,000 + VAT
8 ton forklift
Container spec
8.5 ton forklift
Fleet No. FT1573
Capacity: 8.500 kg @ 600 mm load centres
Lift height: 4.500 mm | 2.850 mm closed
Age: 2019 | 40 hrs
Triple full free mast | Solid tyres | Cummins engine | Cabin + heater | Fork positioner | S/shift
£47,500 + vat
10 ton forklift
Fleet No. FT1572
Cap: 10.000 kg @ 600 mm load centre
Lift height: 4.000 mm | 3.420 mm closed
Age: 2019
Duplex mast | Solid tyres | Cummins engine | S/shift | Cabin + heater | Suspension seat
12 months warranty.

High capacity requirements

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