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We know our industry, therefore, we know what you need. Along 40 years in the business there have been some products in higher demand that others. The 2.5 ton diesel forklift is one of them. As a result, we offer a broad selection of this second-hand material handling equipment. Additionally, if you plan ahead your handling needs, we can provide with brand new solutions between 4 to 6 weeks. For product enquiries, please fill out the form below or contact us for more info.‚Äč

Second-hand 2.5 ton diesel forklifts

Doosan D25S-5
Fleet No. FT1050
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 6.010 mm | 2.630 mm closed
Age: 2011 | 801 hrs
Yanmar engine | Triple mast | 1200 mm forks | Full free lift mast | Integral S/shift
Lonking LG25DT
Fleet No. FT1312
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 3.500 mm
Age: 2015 | 3.426 hrs
Duplex mast
Isuzu engine | 1100 mm forks | Hang on S/shift
Doosan D25S-5
Fleet No. FT1253
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 3.950 mm
Age: 2014 | 2.631 hrs
Duplex mast
Yanmar engine | 1100 mm forks | Integral S/shift
Lonking LG25DT
Fleet No. FT1743/FT1744
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 4.500 mm | 2.100 mm
Age: 2021
Triple mast
Isuzu engine | 1200 mm forks
Hook on S/shift

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