Range of 1.5 ton electric forklifts

1.5 ton electric forklift range for sale and rental

Low capacity equipment for light loading applications

One of the best attributes of electric forklifts is its exceptional performance when loading light cargo. That is due to their small but efficient design that allows drivers to operate across small facilities without losing functionality. Our selection of 1.5 ton forklifts are the perfect fit for those applications that require manoeuvrability and versatility.

1.5 ton electric forklift in stock

Toyota forklift​s
B15T-5 Trio
Linde E15
Fleet No. FT408
Capacity: 1.500 kg
Lift height: 5.360 mm | 2.290 mm closed
S/shift | Solid tyres
6 months warranty.
B15T-7 Trio
Fleet No. FT1569
Capacity: 1.500 kg
Lift height: 4.500 mm | 2.040 mm closed
Age: 2019 656 hrs
48v 60A single phase
Triple full free mast | 1200 forks | Integral S/shift
5 years warranty.
B15R-5 Doosan
Fleet No. FT1615
Capacity: 1.500 kg
Lift height: 4.750 mm | 2.140 mm closed
Age: 2008 3.266 hrs
24v 120A charger
Triple full free mast | 1200 forks | Integral S/shift

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