Forklifts for sale and hire

Looking for forklifts for sale and hire? We get you covered.

Brand new and second-hand handling equipment with a full selection of high capacity fork lift trucks.

Electric lifting equipment to operate in outdoor and indoor tasks efficiently.

A selection of gas powered trucks with a year safety certificate included.

Warehouse equipment in stock available for only £45 a week on rental.

Some reach trucks and stackers in stock for sale or rental.

New diesel forklift

Proudly associated with Doosan and Lonking manufacturares

UK's leading forklift manufactures

  • Over 50 years of experience.
  • Its range covers over 100 models of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.
  • From 1 to 25 tonne capacity.
  • Award for safety 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Materials Handling Equipment

The 13th largest in the world

  • 26 years of experience and 19 subsidiaries.
  • TVH, official distributor of Lonking parts in Europe.
  • Forklifts from 1 to 25 tonne capacity.
Ful-ton forklifts manufacturer partner

Different applications require different handling solutions


To buy a forklift with us is a quick and professional process. Let us know which equipment suits your needs by submitting an enquiry form or give us a call. We'll get back to you with bespoke solution. After your approval all you have to do is rest easy and let us do everything for you.

Contract hire

Contract hire is seen as the most popular way to operate materials handling equipment due to customers pay a fixed monthly rental in which it's included maintenance and servicing. Moreover, you can get advantage of our 'off balance sheet' funding which offers you a financial support at a very competitive rate.

Short/Long-term rentals

Either it is one lift, one day, a week or a month, we can supply lifting equipment quickly and safely as we offer plenty of equipment in stock. Thus, you'd get your peak seasonal covered with a full maintenance agreement. In case you'd like to extend that, we would easily turn your short rental into a long one or purchase.