Electric pallet trucks

Wide range of electric pallet trucks for your palletizing applications

What about this material handling equipment?

Electric pallet trucks are a versatile type of warehouse lifting equipment. It's designed to be easy manoeuvrable in order to be operate efficiently in all warehouse applications. With a range of different attributes, they are mainly built to load low-level lifting which reduces significantly purchase or rent prices, as well as maintenance costs. Most of the equipment is electric although manual pallet trucks may be a suitable option depending on needs. With a long life battery included, powered pallet trucks can get you temporary or permanently covered. Call us today!

Now all powered pallet trucks for rent at only £45 a week!

Second-hand electric pallet trucks available for you

Crown pallet truck
Fleet No. FT675
Capacity: 1.600 kg
Age: 2008 | 5.201 h
Hyd Motor Brushes 520*1125 leg size | Single load wheels | Benning 24v/25amp charger
new battery
Atlet Pallet Truck
Fleet No. FT880
Capacity: 2.000 kg
Size: 510 * 1.150 mm leg
Age: 2004 | 5.711 hours
24 Volt | Keypad.
Atlet Pallet Truck
Fleet No. FT982/1317
Capacity: 2.000 kg
Size: 560 * 1000 mm leg
Age: 2004 | 3.973 h | 2007
Chloride Battery
24 V 30A charger.
Hand pallet truck
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Widths: 520 * 685 mm
Wheels: rubber steer | Tandem load
Ruggedly build
Jolly pallet truck
Fleet No. FT1333
Capacity: 2.000 kg
Age: 2015 | 1.190 h
Size: 550 * 1150 mm fork
Hot-dipped galvanised | Stainless steel axle.

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