Electric pallet trucks

Electric pallet trucks

A selection of second hand electric pallet trucks in stock and brand new warehouse equipment

Hire a powered pallet truck today only for £45 a week! Purchase is also available.

Warrior pallet truck
Fleet No. FT1550 | 1.2 ton @ 600 mm LC | 115 mm lift height
£ 1,750
Crown pallet truck
Fleet No. FT676/675 | 1.6 ton | 540 × 1.125 mm leg
Stacker truck
Fleet No. FT1427 | 2.0 ton | 3.600 mm lift height
Atlet pallet truck
Fleet No. FT880 | 2.0 ton | 510 × 1.150 mm forks
Hand pallet truck
2.500 kg capacity | widths 520 mm x 685 mm
Brand new
Jolly pallet truck
Fleet No. FT1333 | 2.0 ton | 550 × 1.150 mm fork
Atlet Stacker
Fleet No. FT1411 | 1.25 ton | 2.090 mm lift height
Atlet PLP200
Fleet No. FT982/1317 | 2.0 ton | 560 × 1.000 mm fork

We can suit your electric pallet truck needs with a range of new warehouse equipment

Electric pallet trucks are a versatile type of warehouse lifting equipment designed to be easy manoeuvrable in order to be operate efficiently in all warehouse applications. With a range of different features and attributes, they are mainly built to load low-level lifting which reduces significantly purchase or rent prices, as well as maintenance costs. Most of this equipment are electric although manual pallet trucks may be a suitable option depending on needs. With a long life battery included, powered pallet trucks can get you temporary or permanently covered.

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