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Electric forklifts, the cleanest choice within the forklift industry

Investing in clean material handling solutions

If you seek zero-emissions handling equipment, you are in the right place. Electric forklifts are becoming the preferred choice as the technology improves. To the traditional low capacities, now higher electric lifting equipment has been launched to get this requirement covered. Consequently, this type of handling equipment is the right fit for both outdoor and indoor applications. Besides, as they are usually designed on smaller sizes, being highly manoeuvrable, especially in narrow workplaces. If you want to know more about electric solutions, contact us today!

4 and 5 ton electric counterbalance now available. Click below.

Electric forklifts for sale and rental in stock

Nissan SINI LK13T
Fleet No. FT1212
Capacity: 1.300 kg
Lift height: 3.000 mm | 2.130 mm closed
Age: 2009 | 2.641 h
Single-phase charger
Duplex mast | Seat belt | Rev. alarm | Full cab
6 months warranty.
Doosan B13R-5
on hire
1.5 electric forklifts
Nissan GN01LSHQ
Fleet No. FT1061
Capacity: 1.600 kg
Lift height: 4.300 mm | 1.980 mm closed
Age: 2005 | 6.498 h
Triple full free mast | Solid tyres | Power steering | Integral S/shift | 1050 mm forks
6 months warranty.
Nissan G1N1L160
Fleet No. FT1567
Capacity: 1.800 kg
Lift height: 4.800 mm | 2.090 mm closed
Age: 2005 | 6926 h |
48 V charger
Triple mast | 1000 mm forks
Doosan B22X-5
Fleet No. FT1616
Capacity: 2.200 kg
Lift height: 3.950 mm | 2.635 mm closed
Age: 2011 | 5543 h |
3 phase charger
Duplex mast | 1000 mm forks
Atlet ET18
Fleet No. FT1414
Capacity: 1.800 kg
Lift height: 4.750 mm | 2.130 mm closed
Age: 2008
48 V charger
Triple mast | 1000 mm forks
Doosan B25X-5
Fleet No. FT1614
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 6.010 mm | 2.660 mm closed
Age: 2011 | 3751 h |
80 V charger
Triple mast | 1000 mm forks | Integral S/shift
Lonking LG25B
Fleet No. FT1442 / FT1440
Capacity: 2.500 kg
Lift height: 4.700 mm | 2.190 mm closed
Age: 2017 | 876 h || 1.460 h
48 V charger
Triple mast | Zapi controller | 1200 mm forks | Cascade S/shift

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